Презентация бмв 7 серии видео 2016

Sadly, US laws prevent that functionality from being available here, and BMW’s fancy laser headlights will also not be available on American 7 Series cars. The big display wedged atop the dashboard is now touch-sensitive, responding not only to the tips of your fingers but even the approach of your hand. Изменилась форма контроллера и появилась клавиша «menu», нажатие которой вызывает главную страницу меню.

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This also enables many of them to be touch-sensitive. This lightweight material is a major component of BMW’s fancy i3 and i8 cars. In the new 7 Series that composite isn’t quite as integral, but it makes up a good portion of the inner crash structure, particularly the roof rails and transmission tunnel. This saves weight up high, lowering the center of gravity and improving the handling of the thing.

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  • You can take your hands off the wheel and the car will drive itself, meandering slightly between the lines as it goes, but never crossing them.
  • The car will only steer itself without your hands on the wheel for a maximum of 15 seconds, at which a series of sharp beeps will prompt you to get back to the task at hand.
  • Additionally, the system only works when it can clearly see those lines. In my limited testing this worked great on well-painted roads with few turns.
  • Twistier back lanes in need of some maintenance generally resulted in the system disabling itself.
  • The car can also park itself, and in Europe it’ll be able to pull into the garage without you inside of it.
  • Even more techThe rear is truly the place to be in the 7 Series.
  • Tim Stevens/CNET Other smaller but important additions include a wireless charging spot inside the armrest, which happily juiced up my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 while I drove along.
  • There is neither Apple CarPlay nor Google Android Auto on offer, but BMW did add NFC pairing of phones, meaning if you have a suitably enabled device you can pair it over Bluetooth simply by tapping it against the dashboard.

презентация бмв 7 серии видео 2016

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