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The audience challenged the observation that the perception of Ukrainians in Poland is effectively better than in Germany, as the comparison seems to show. In Poland, Ukrainians and even the Ukrainian minority were mainly perceived as “Russians” and prejudices persisted. These are paradigm-changing solutions that will altogether improve individual cyber resilience and blunt the effectiveness of spear phishing. presented by Arun Vishwanath The state of authentication is in such disarray today that a black hat is no longer needed to wreak havoc. People’s work effectiveness may decrease, as they will have to be suspicious of practically every message they receive.

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Heartbleed was a perfect example of this: a faulty parser in a library could read absolutely everything in memory; there are many others less famous but no better. This talk will detail how MFA may be consistently required for all users, regardless of the authentication method. Numerus clausus/restrictions: Specific ability requirements are set for artistic studies, physical education and architectural preservation studies. A certain age limit is also set.

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This prevented a wide and easy exploitation of these vulnerabilities. In contrast, we introduce HEIST, a set of techniques that allows us to carry out attacks against SSL/TLS purely in the browser. After school, students might also have music lessons, soccer, hockey, or tennis.[8] Knowledge Day in Donetsk, 2013 During grades 9 and 12, which is usually around the age of 15 and 17, students take various exams. This difference could be explained by historic arguments that demonstrate the close relationship between Ukrainians and Polish people, said Agnieszka Łada.

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  • Incident response best practices advise following predefined practiced procedures when dealing with a security incident, but organizations moving infrastructure to the cloud may fail to realize the procedural differences in obtaining forensic evidence.
  • For example, using the AWS command line tools or the AWS SDK, a user can programmatically image the disk of a compromised machine with a single call.
  • However, the power of the AWS SDK introduces a new threat in the event of an API key compromise.
  • While the consequences of a compromised API key can be dire, the risks can be substantially mitigated with proper configuration and monitoring.
  • Hardening of AWS InfrastructureAWS environments can be hardened by following traditional security best practices and leveraging AWS services. AWS Services like CloudTrail and Config should be used to monitor and configure an AWS environment.
  • Furthermore, API keys should be tightened to restrict access only to the resources they need.
  • The tool attempts to rotate compromised keys, identify and remove rogue EC2 instances and produce a report with next steps for the user.Finally, we present a tool that examines an existing AWS environments and aides in configuring that environment to a hardened state.
  • Fortunately, at least from a defenders perspective, these attacks require an adversary capable of observing or manipulating network traffic.
  • More generally, and surprisingly, with HEIST it becomes possible to exploit certain flaws in network protocols without having to sniff actual traffic. HEIST abuses weaknesses and subtleties in the browser, and the underlying HTTP, SSL/TLS, and TCP layers.
  • Most importantly, we discover a side-channel attack that leaks the exact size of any cross-origin response.

study in ukraine презентация

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