Happy new year in russia презентация

The spiritual directors made us read it and it was entitled: Industriae pro Superioribus ejusdem Societatis ad curandos animae morbos, that is, on curing illnesses of the soul. Contents By month or season[edit] January[edit] 1 January: The first day of the civil year in the Gregorian calendar used by most countries. Before you make a free slideshow, you need to free download the presentation maker and install on your PC at first. Instead he came as the smallest, the frailest and weakest of beings. May no one feel overlooked or mistreated, but everyone experience, here first of all, the care and concern of the Good Shepherd”.[19] Behind every paper is a person. Indeed, this is the very purpose of direct action.

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Orthodox nations may, however, make civil celebrations for the New Year. Jargon – Are you using words or acronyms that can be confusing to the audience? With the old year out and a new one in, people gather at home and sit around with their families and relatives, catching up on what they have been doing. She was from his own state of Alabama, a member of the black middle class which also exists in the South. The calendar was used as an official calendar until the mid 19th century. Consequently, the good cases of resistance – and even those not quite so good – are necessary and merit being listened to, welcomed and their expression encouraged. It is a sign that the body is alive.

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  • God made the effort to plunge, to dive deep within us, so that each of us, each of you, could speak intimately with him, trust him, draw near him and realize that he thinks of you and loves you… He loves you!
  • Here I spontaneously think of the ancient adage that describes the process of the Spiritual Exercises in the Ignatian method: deformata reformare, reformata conformare, conformata confirmare et confirmata transformare.
  • There can be no doubt that, for the Curia, the word reform is to be understood in two ways.
  • Here it must clearly be said that reform is not an end unto itself, but rather a process of growth and above all of conversion.
  • The reform of the Curia is in no way implemented with a change of persons – something that certainly is happening and will continue to happen[15] – but with a conversion in persons.
  • Continuing formation is not enough; what we need also and above all is continuing conversion and purification.

happy new year in russia презентация

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